Format Removable Devices Using CMD.

Hello guys,

This is Sunil,

And you are on TechEx

If you facing problem to format pendrive or removable device so this an another method to do it by cmd method.

So lets Start…….

1.First of all boot up your computer in normal mode

2.Now insert your USB Pendrive in your Pendrive Port

3.Now watch out the name of your drive,note that the name must not be listed in any other than the drives,Like it must be like G,F drive etc.hmmmm.png


4.Let your USB pendrive is listed as “G:removable storage device” in your my computer; Note:- your removable drive can have any name so be carefull while choosing th drive.

5.Now in your windows type the “windows button” and “R” of your keyboard it pop up a window called Run Window


6.Now type there “cmd”,and hit enter,it will open an cmd window,cmd means command promat.



7.Now type there “format G:” if you want to normal format your usb pendrive .
note:- Type your removable drive name G is mine,your will be anything so check and type its most important…



8.If you want to fromat your drive with Fat32 than you have to type “Format G:/FS:FAT32”.
note:-Guys check your drive it can be anything.


9.Thats it your pendrive will get formatted by this and now you access a virus free pendrive for your work.


Thanks .
Hope you would like..

This is
TechEx:-Technology Simplified.



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