How to root Coolpad note 3 without PC & Install custom recovery(CWM).this is only for coolpad note3 users not lite users

Hello guys,

This is TechEx:-Technology Simplified

First of all Rooting is “Dangerous” thing it “avoids the warranty of device”

#”Do it on your OWN risk”#

So lets start,


1.Rooting is the basic thing,it gives full control of your device to you.

2.Easy method of rooting without “PC” is “KingRoot” its the  best app to root your device

3.Download it and just click to root that’s it in few seconds your device get rooted,and you are rooted.

Click here to download “KingRoot apk

That’s guys you got full control to your device.


1.”Custom recoveries often have the ability to create and restore device backups”, “Custom recoveries allow you to install custom ROMs and to flash other custom things”.

2.So guys to install Custom recovery you device must be rooted.

3.After rooting device successfully,

4.Lets start to install custom recovery,

5.TO install Custom Recovery “Without PC” you need to download “Flashify” app it is free on playstore or you can download it from this link

click here to download “Flashify apk”

6.After installing “Flashify” you need to download custom recovery image.

7.To download CWM Recovery click on the below  link

click to download CWM recovery

7.After downloading recovery put it in internal sdcard,

8.Now open Flashify and select Recovery image,the middle option,there select choose file and locate the destination where you put the recovery.img file in your internal sdcard.

9.After this select  install and reboot,this will reboot your device and open “Your Recovery” page here your touch wouldn’t work,Use volume up and down buttons for go up and down,power button to select.

10.After getting Recovery Page Select “reboot system now” (use volume and power button).

11.And there select No and press power button.

This will reboot your device and done you installed custom recovery (CWM).

Thanks Guys,

Hope you would like this,if having any query leave comment,i will  sure to clear your query.

guys this is only for coolpad note 3 users not for coolpad lite user’s.

You are on,

TechEx:-Technology Simplified.






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