How to Send Files Upto 1GB Vai Whatsapp

Hello Guys,

This post is about ,

How to Share Docs,PDF,Music,Images,Zip or any file Files upto 1 GB on Whatsapp.

So let’s Start,

1.For this You Need an App Called Whatstool ,this app is about 9.3 Mb,

Click to download App From drive

Click to download App from Play store

2.Now install the App,

3.After installing,Open the application and swipe right to get start,

4.Now this will ask to turn on the service in the accessibility and click on “Turn on”,

5.You will see a pop-up,how to enable the service of WhatsTools  click on “OK,Continue”,

6.Now Enable the application in the accessibility and you will be able to see a pop-up of the Google Drive,

7.Click on sign in and you will  sign in with the files on the WhatsTools,

8.You will see the main screen of the application  and now you will be able to do all the settings and send the files to your friends upto 1 GB using WhatsTools.

9.After doing all the process,Open Offical WhatsApp and then click on the Pin to send files on WhatsApp,

10.Now you will see below WhatsTools application list  in whatsapp chat and click on any of the categories and select the file,

11.The text and the link will be paste in your text box of WhatsApp and you will be able to send the files to your friends,

12.Thats it you sended the file.

How to Download the sended File from the link

  • Simply click on the link in your default browser and you will see an download button
  • Click on the download and the new page will be open to WhatsTools team
  • Now, you will be able to download the application or the zip files in one click
  • Make sure to delete the files which are saved in your Google Drive.

That’s it you are done guys.

Hope you would  like this post,

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This is “TechEx” where “Technology Simplified”.



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