How to make android *Faster*

Hello Guys,

Today we learn how to make any android device faster,

This method is very simple,no rooting nothing hard,

your device get faster in few minutes and few simple steps,

SO Let’s Start,,

1.Go to “Settings” of your android device,


2.In Settings go to “About Phone”,



3.In “About Phone” there was “Build Number” & click “7 times on Build Number”,Now you are developer,

1464680797937     1464680966983   1464681052565


4.Now go back to Settings and check there was an “Developer Options” click on that,


5.Now in “Developer Options” you will see an  “Window animation scale”,”Transition animation scale”,”Animator duration scale”,


6.Now click on “Window animation scale” and there select “Animation scale .5x”,after that click on “Transition animation scale” and select “Animation scale .5x”,and now click on “Animator duration scale” and select  “Animation scale .5x”.

Great,you are done.Feel the difference of your device.

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Hope you would like this post,

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