Notepad as your personal diary

Hello guys

This is Sunil

And your on TechEx

Today We make a notepad as our personal diary

This is an small notepad trick hope you would like it

So lets get start

1.First of all open notepad

2.Now there type “.LOG” in the first line

3.Now save the file in desktop or anywhere you want…

4.You can give any name to your file but you should save .log at last

5.Ex. like this “diary.log” this .log should be there

6.Thats it guys now the notepad is your personal diary

7.Whenever you open that file it would save present time & date

8.Thanks for Watching guys.

This is………..TechEx:-Technology Simplified.

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This is sunil,

And you are on TechEx:-Technology Simplified ,

A small trick to Clean Ram,

This is an Windows small trick that cleans your computer ram ,

So lets get start

1.first of all open Notepad

2.Than type CleanMem=(64000000),clean mem means a code  in binary function that cleans your computers ram save the file on desktop  or you can  save it anywhere

4.The file name should contain “.bat” like “CleanRam.bat” you can give any name to file but last should contain “.bat”

5.Thats it you are ready to rock…….

6.When you double click on that file you can see difference your pc would perform better than earlier

7.Thanks guys Hope you would like it.

You can watch a video on this

Technology Simplified.